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Media partners

MM Spektrum Machinery monthly magazine which brings the actual local or abroad  technical information
 Česká společnost strojírenské technologie Media and special support



Conference partners

Advantage-fl.cz   Distributor of OTEC solutions for Czech Republic
EOS    Metal 3D printing
OTEC    Production of machines for surface finishing
GTW Bearings    GTW is specialized in development, construction and production of hydrodynamic white metal lined bearings
Gühring   Producer of top cutting tools and clamping devices for the industrial machining
HAM - FINALBrno Development, production and selling of modern tools for drilling, machining and annular groove of precise holes
HOFMEISTER   Engineering with a specializing on the nonstandard tool production
INNOMIA   Distributor of EOS systems for Czech Republic
PILSEN TOOLS   Production of tools and devices
SANDVIK    Production of machining tools
SoliCAD, s.r.o.    CAD/CAM solutions and robotic solutions distributor