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The history of the Department of Machining Technology

The machining technology  has reached a significant progress especially in the last few years. The processes, which lasted hours in the past, we can count  in minutes at the same time  with a significant increase of the reached quality today.

The merit of this positive development belongs undoubtedly to Universities, which have trained the specialists in this field and the Machining Technology has been their special separate field of study for years. It is our duty to look back at our faculty, respectively the department from this point of view. This department has more than 50 years tradition of teaching machining technology and we have to remind not only its history but even the names of a long line of teachers, who took part in the education and  very successful graduates of this study field in the practice .

The machining  technology as a discipline  has been lectured  at  our Faculty of Mechanical Engineering since its establishment and the beginning of the education process in 1949. It had been lectured from the external sources at first, but later on by Doc. Ing. Alexandr Červený, CSc, the permanent teacher of the Machining devices Dept.  The study field of Machining had divided from this Dept. named by the shortcut KOS and lead by prof.Přemysl Breník, in 1966. The new group in a cooperation with the economy group had created  a separate department of Machining and Economy „ KOE“, where prof. Miroslav Bartuška became the head of this Dept. The KOE Dept. divided  repeatedly due to the effort of creating smaller  organizational units in that time. This division lead to the establishment of the separate Department of Machining Technology in 1968. At first the head of Dept. was Prof. Ing. Miroslav Bartuška, then he was changed by Doc. Ing. Alexandr Červený, CSc. To its special and pedagogic influence, this Dept. got endowed  a few fields described in the famous book „The Machining Technology“ of Prof. Přikryl, which more or less remained the main scope of activities till now.

The Dept. had gone through  a few reorganizations, which often extended or narrowed its focusing and they also changed the Dept.name after  1968. So in 1972 there was created  the Dept of Technology and Production Management „KOŘ“ lead by Prof.Jindřich Straka.The next change of the Dept. name happened after the detaching the Material and Engineering Metallurgy fields in 1988.The name was changed onto the Dept. of Machining and production management „KOŘ“.The new head of this Dept. had been Doc. Jaromír Jaren. On behalf of the reorganizational changes in these years, it has to be mentioned the creation of the Associated science and research workplace SVP in 1987. This workplace had been arisen from the Machining dept.KOR and the  Technology dept. ŠKODA. This workplace finished its activity within the reorganization of ŠKODA company after November 1989.

Prof. Edvard Leeder lead the Dept. for  a short period after 1989. The activity of the KOŘ Dept. stopped within the transfer of Economic and Management group into the newly created Dept. of KPV. The part of Machining group got back to its previous name : The Department of Machining Technology KTO, which was lead by Doc Josef Škarda for almost 10 years. After this period he was replaced by prof. Ing. Karel Jandečka, CSc. The recent head of the Dept. is Ing. Jan Řehoř Ph.D .

The Dept. is focused on the machining technology itself throughout its whole existence. Except Doc. Červený (originally the calculating manager from the constructions of machining devices in ŠKODA comp.), this direction was represented by young engineers Rambousek, Škarda,  Hofmann, Sova, Sovová, Česánek including the science and research worker Ing. Kohout. Ing. Kroj could be also joined to this list , he was very initiative and keen on this field of study. He developed the field of engineering metrology tirelessly, later with a help of Ing. Šolcová.

A  new direction – The technology projects had been created  by Doc. Čechura (retiring at that time) and the external teacher, very sophisticated and experienced worker of ŠKODA company Mr. Vlastimil Židlický with taking part of engineers Leeder, Němejc and Cibuka.

The study field of Technology of alloying and shaping was a part of the Dept. KTŘ in the period of  1972-1988. It was in charge of Doc. Pfrogner and its teachers Mr. Mařan and Šik.

The economy and management field was developed around  Prof. Čech, Doc. Jaren (shortly  Doc. Jukla) and young assistants  Ing. Křivač, Herman, Horejc, Rada and Vlček.

A very wide special range is typical for the Dept., which stands for a  persuading fact of having strong characters of its members, who managed often without any outer support to keep each focusing, even to develop them successfully. Except of mentioned before, the Dept. has taken part in developing VŠSE and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering by making available not negligible part of its member creative capacity for performing the demanding academic functions/positions.Their long line begins with Prof. Breník, Vice-Rector Prof.Čech, Straka, Doc. Jaren and Křikač, the Dean Prof. Bartuška, Doc. Červený and Vice-Dean Doc. Pfrogner. Doc. Hoffman was named to be Vice-Dean after November in 1989(later on he was elected to Dean). This line continues by the Vice-Dean for the study and pedagogic activities Doc. Němejc and it is  finished by the recent Vice –Dean Dr. Česánek.

During its whole existence, the Dept. was handicapped by inconvenient location placing. Its core (the dept. of Machining with the head) was placed in the main building in Sady Petatřicátníků, later in the building „Nad Hamburkem“ and the group of NC devices stayed in Komenského street. In 1987, SVVP (dept. of Machining and ŠKODA workers) moved to Blanenská street to Slovany, but the second part of the Dept.  stayed in Sedláčkova street. The whole Dept. of Machining Technology got together after finishing the University resort in Bory.

The moving into the second floor offices in Borská Pole carried out in October 1992. The laboratories are to be found on the same floor.The place for the experimental research and the practising were gained in the hall laboratory of the Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering.

hala KTO

Hall workshop of the Dept. of Machining Technology