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Lessons in English language

The Department offers following subjects for students coming for a short-term study:

Subject shortcut Name Semester Language
KTO/AVP Automation of Manufacturing Processes Summer Cz, En
KTO/DM Metrology Winter/Summer Cz, En
KTO/DP Thesis Tutorial Summer Cz, En
KTO/EMO Experimental Methods in Metal Cutting Winter Cz, En
KTO/EXK Visits Summer Cz, En
KTO/MTC Advanced Technologies Winter Cz, En
KTO/NRJ Tools for Quality Control Winter/Summer Cz, En
KTO/PANC Automat. of NC Machine-Tool Programming Summer Cz, En
KTO/PNCSA NC-Machine Tool Programming Winter En
KTO/PNO Fixtures and Metal Cutting Tools Winter Cz, En
KTO/PRNC1 NC Programming Laboratory Summer Cz, En
KTO/PVP Production Process Planning Winter Cz, En
KTO/SPM Semester Project M Winter Cz, En
KTO/USM Introduction to Engineering Metrology Winter Cz, En
KTO/ŘJ Quality Control Winter Cz, En

Teaching  of these subject is performed by the following workers:

  • Ing. Martin Melichar, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Jan Hnátík, Ph.D.
  • Doc. Ing. Jan Řehoř, Ph.D.