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Thesis Related Practical Training PP/DMT

Guarantor: doc. Ing. Jan Řehoř, Ph.D.

Information to Thesis Related Practical Training:

  • Student have to come to workplace of Diploma thesis till 9 o'clock 1st day of the practical training (see „The command to perform the Thesis Related Practical Training“ – a student will receive it together with the diploma thesis assignment - see the form below).

  • Student's working time is the same as the consultant's.

  • You have to start solving the diploma thesis in a coherence with the given topic and on the base of the initial state analysis, above all you have to concretize the set aims in a semester project and specify a methodology for solving DT (an orientation guide to survey the current state is published in the scripts  Němejc, J. Industrial robots and  robotization of machine production. Pilsen: ZČU, 1999, chapter 6.3, where the syllabus of the initial state is described in details, useful not only for robotization but also for other rationalizing projects).

  • You have to hand in the confirmation of practice together with the index book to the Head of thesis (DT) after finishing the practice (graduating can be signed by the consultant on the command form), which writes course credit.

Form - The command to perform the Thesis Related Practical Training (will be published soon)