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The instructions for students who finish Bachelor's and Master's study at the Department of Machining Technology

Guarantor Semeter project B (SPB) and Semester project M (SPM): Prof. Ing. Karel Jandečka, CSc.

Semester  project DMT/SPB and DMT/SPM (winter semester)

  • Make an consultation appointment (regularly once a week about an hour long) with the teacher of this subject, who is also the consultant of a bachelor's and diploma thesis (a teacher of the Department of Machining technology). The consultations take place at the consultant's workplace according to the agreement.

  • For the semester project work , there are destined the rooms UL 203 (SPB) every Friday during the 4th to 7th lesson and UL 207 (SPM) every Friday during the 8th to 11th  lesson.

  • It is necessary to work according to the syllabus - see below.

  • It is recommended to contact the consultant bachelor's or diploma thesis from the company immediately (if you solve the thesis for practice)

  • To obtain the confirmation, it is necessary to hand in the semester work and to present the results at the given date set by the Department for the individual academic year at the end of winter semester or during the examination period. The date will be published on the notice board of the department and on the websites.

  • After completion submit a written report to the consultant (Project manager). He/She will announce the evaluating result in a week time, if positive, he/she will make the note to the indexbook.

The syllabus of semester project:

  1. Theoretic introduction + information about making a contact with the Project manager or consultant from the practice
  2. Evaluation of the present state from the following solution points of view
  3. Setting the aims of solution
  4. Suggestion of the solving methodology
  5. Work schedule to solve the bachelor's or diploma task

The extent of accompanying report:

  • about 15 to 20 typed pages (SPB)
  • about 20 to 30 typed pages (SPM)                              


The extent of drawing part:

  • according to the Project manager instructions

Basic special literature:

STANĚK, J.-NĚMEJC, J. The method of working out and adjustment of the diploma thesis. Plzeň: ZČU, 2005

ZELENKA, A.-KRÁL, M. The projecting of the production systems. Praha: ČVUT, 1995

JANDEČKA, K.-ČESÁNEK, J.-KOŽMÍN, P. The programming of  NC machines. Plzeň: ZČU, 2000

PŘIKRYL, Z. - MUSÍLKOVÁ, R. The machining theory. Praha: SNTL, 1982

VLACH, B. The technology of machining and mounting. Praha: SNTL, 1990

NĚMEJC, J. The projecting of material manipulation. Plzeň: ZČU, 1998

ZVONEČEK, F. – ZÍDKOVÁ, H. The quality –  life style of 3rd millenium. Plzeň: ZČU, 2003

NENADÁL, J. a kol. The modern systems of quality control. Ostrava: TU-VŠB, 2002


The presentations:

  • according to the date set by the Department of Machining Technology – time of presentation about 10 minutes (SPB) and about 10 to 15 minutes (SPM)


The submission deadline:

at least 1 week before the requested credit