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The cooperation with the company Robert Bosch spol. s r.o. in České Budějovice

Since 1996 the Department of Machining Technology from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has closely cooperated with the company Robert Bosch spol. s r.o. in České Budějovice. The cooperation has been realized and is being realized mainly within the excursions into the most modern mounting and production operations of this company and then within the workout of the diploma thesis about the given theme of thesis and being sponsored by Robert Bosch company. During this cooperation more than 16 thesis has been worked out. The successful diploma graduates were joined as its top employees to this company. No less important is the fact of material and financial sponsorship to the Department of Machining Technology by Robert Bosch CB company.

Students of 2303T004 - Mechanical Technology - machining technology in fulltime or combined study are given the unique opportunity to meet the most modern production technologies, work and social environment of very successful world company, to meet the wide HR program of this company and the support of students and graduates.

Within the teaching of the subject  KTO/TEM - Technology of mounting there was done an excursion into the production plant of transnational company Robert Bosch spol.s r.o. in České Budějovice at the beginning of April this year. The company deals with the production and mounting of the part in automotive. Pump tank modules, suction modules, cylinder head covers, acceleration pedal, car cabels and DNOX tanks belong to its main products.  A large line of world automotive companies are customers of this company. 

The goal of the excursion was the observing of the modern mounting workplaces for the large series mounting of tank modules.  Quality is the Alpha and Omega of production and mounting operations. The company Robert Bosch in České Budějovice employes approximately 100 quality specialists out of all two thousand employees. The high quality of mounting has been reached by the modified quality system TPS - Toyota Production System recently. Visualization of the mounting processes is a part of  the system, so every worker can quickly get an actual survey of the mounting step. The visualization is an irreplacable fact when searching the error cause of the mounting operation. Although the mounting is done manually, there is a try to include the maximal amount of mechanical and automatic operations into the mounting process.  The resulting quality of the mounting part is dependent on the work perfection done by the mounters or automatic devices.

Other areas of great interest in this company are the complex flexibility of product series mounting.  A great  effort was devoted to shortening of the re-setting works at the mounting places. The company is able to change the mounting products during a few moments at one production line. This ability allows Robert Bosch s.r.o. company to react flexibly on the market needs in the turbulent period of the crisis and also to reach great economic results.

Although the Robert Bosch company in České Budějovice is mainly the production company, the development of many other products take place in here, the products are manufactured in subsidairy plants all over the world.  

The level of large series manual mounting of Robert Bosch company in České  Budějovice  belongs to the world top.Thanks to a very friendly relationship to the professional and amateur  public, it was possible to take part in a very interesting excursion. 

Doc. Ing. P. Hofmann, CSc. and Ing. Tomáš Strnad – Department of Machining Technology - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2008

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